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Optimize memory for a faster PC

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Have you noticed that your computer is still slow, especially when you run another software program immediately after some programs like Photoshop or Heroes 6 of Might and Magic are closed?

It is because that the memory resource taken by these kinds of programs was not released immediately after your close them. So when you run a new program, it takes longer to start. Optimizing Memory can help solve this problem.

Once the memory is optimized, your system will have more free memory and that helps speed up your computer. To optimize memory, please take the following steps:

  • Run UniOptimizer
  • Click Optimize menu
  • Choose Mem Optimizer
  • Click OPTIMIZE button to optimize memory.
  • Benefits after optimizing memory:

    Faster system and program startup
    Faster application response
    Faster system shutdown

    To MAX application response speed, you should optimize your installed applications and Desktop, too. To optimize these 2, you can use App Optimizer and Desktop Optimizer under Optimize menu of UniOptimizer.

    To MAX system performance potential, there are another 3 aspects you need to optimize:

  • System
  • Registry
  • Internet
  • There are 3 tools built-in UniOptimizer and they are specially designed for these 3 aspects:

    System Optimizer helps optimize your system working in different modes.

    Registry Defrag helps fix the problems caused by registry fragmentation and optimize registry.

    Internet Optimizer helps optimize and speed up your internet connection.

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