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How UniOptimizer Works

Fix, Clean & SPEED UP your PC!
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How UniOptimizer Works?
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The following guides and instructions are based on the combinations of PC users' searches and UniOptimizer features. To help you better use UniOptimizer to fix, clean and speed up your computer, here you can see how UniOptimizer works from 6 aspects:

  • One Click PC Maintenance: 1 click optimizer - one click PC cleaner
  • System Cleanup: registry cleaner - system junks - evidence data - duplicate files - invalid shortcuts
  • Windows Error Repair: registry repair - IE errors - system errors - broken shortcuts and file associations
  • System Optimization: registry optimizer - memory optimizer - Internet optimizer and speedup
  • System Speedup: faster PC - disk defragmentation - startup speedup
  • System Protection: file shredder - Windows update - block malicious ActiveX - manage BHO
  • One Click PC Maintenance:

    PC is SLOW? Internet is SLOW? Random pop-ups? Don't know how to update Windows? Don't know how to protect personal privacy? All of these can be done using UniOptimizer One-Click PC Maintenance feature.

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    System Cleanup:

    Always getting annoying error messages? Perform a registry cleanup now to fix these errors.

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    Computer freezes all the time? Software programs takes longer to start up? It is time to clean up junk files and duplicate files.

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    How to protect my computer and internet activities? Wipe evidence data is OK.

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    So many shortcuts on my Desktop, and don't know which are invalid ones? Clean invalid shortcuts now.

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    Windows Error Repair:

    Getting random error alerts? You should fix Windows registry now.

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    Use UniOptimizer to restore your home page when your Internet Explorer is hijacked and the defaulst settings are changed.

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    Got ".DLL is Missing or Not Found" error messages? System components repair is needed now.

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    Can't access files or programs after clicking shortcuts? It is because shortcuts and file associations are broken, repair them now.

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    System Optimization:

    PC runs a little faster after registry cleanup, how to make it run faster? Optimizing registry can help.

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    Your computer is still slow after you closed Adobe Photoshop, Heroes 6 or other software programs? You should optimize memory to make your computer faster.

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    Internet connection is slow? Make your internet faster by optimizing it.

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    System Speedup:

    Want a faster computer when it works in different modes? See how UniOptimizer speeds up your system.

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    Want more free disk space? Want a faster PC? You not only need to clean up system junks, but also defragment disk.

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    Want a faster system startup? Remove unused system startup programs to boost your system startup speed.

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    System Protection:

    Want to completely deleted unwanted files containing your personal information? Try File Shredder now.

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    Upgrade your Windows to fix system vulnerabilities and protect your system against virus, spyware and malware

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    Remove and block malicious ActiveX to protect your system and privacy using UniOptimizer.

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    Don't let BHO put your privacy at high risk of hijackers, manage them now.

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